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Trial By Fire Update

We did not receive enough registrations to put on the August 25-26 Firestar gliding upward through the treesTrial By Fire (TBF) event.

Trial By Fire was to be an inexpensive weekend retreat where people could experience outdoor flesh hook suspensions and hook pulls within the intentional space of a community fire cicle / drum circle. Very Cool.

To be honest we just did not have enough time to promote the event properly. We were given a very short notice opportunity to have a normally-booked venue, and thought we would give folks a chance to play with us outside, but it just wasn't enough advance notice for most folks.

If there is enough interest after the fact, we may consider putting on a Trial By Fire next summer with plenty of advance notice. If you are interested, please let us know.

In the mean time, those folks that did register have been refunded and encouraged to attend the Fall SuspenDC which is shaping up well. See you at SuspenDC!


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